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Same Story, Different Versions

And all are true!

Timorous Rude and Not Ginger Beastie
23 July
My name's Melanie. I dislike being called Melly but if you wish to refer to me as Mel, that would be alright.

Words that describe me:

Girl. Seventeen. American. Believer. Crazy.
Sister. Twin. Friend. Daughter. Witch. Jedi. Romantic.
Browncoat. Spy. Mutant. Hero. Fangirl. Alien Hunter. Doctor.
Outlaw. Sarcastic. Caffeine Addict. Angst whore.

And yes, I really am all of those things.
Me and my fandoms, in a nutshell:

Jater, huge Jack fan, pretty much exactly like Kate but without the thing for blondes, half in love with Desmond, seriously think Locke needs to STFU
Paire shipper (still and until I die), Claude is my new lover with some Peter on the side, Matt secretly rawks my socks, and the Sanders completely bore me now
Doctor Who
still convinced that the only reason the Doctor and Rose never did it is because the universe would've imploded on itself if they did, always a Nine girl at heart, but Ten is pretty snarktastic
Robin Hood
BBC series only, Robin/Marian shipper, major fan of the tree!porn and demanding of more of it
Gilmore Girls
JavaJunkies forever, been called the younger and not pregnant version of Lorelai
don't do Wincest but if they weren't related, I would so ship them together
Harry Potter
could honestly care less about Harry anymore, it's all about the Marauder love and James/Lily pretty much owns my soul
Other not quite as obsessed with fandoms
Firefly/Serenity, The X-Files, Alias, the worlds of Sara Douglass, Charmed, That 70's Show, Star Wars, Instant Star
the ship to end all ships.
Actresses I want to be:
Keira Knightley. Evangeline Lilly. Kate Beckinsale. Mila Kunis. Kate Winslet. Jennifer Garner. Natalie Portmen. Audrey Hepburn. Gillian Anderson. Hayden Panettiere. Billie Piper. Lucy Griffiths.

Actors I would do:
Hayden Christensen. Ian Somerhalder. Sean Maher. Matthew Fox. Nathan Fillion. Michael Vartan. Johnny Depp. Cillian Murphy. David Duchovny. Milo Ventimiglia. Christopher Eccleston. David Tennant. Jonas Armstrong.
Communities I mod:

On friending:
Currently: moderated
so long as we have at least two fandoms in common, feel free to friend,
just so long as you leave me a comment on my latest LJ entry to say that you did so.
I'll probably friend back but I reserve the right not to.
Word on the street is:

"Anyway, she writes some of the best and most adorable and wonderful Jate fanfic (I'm such a nerd, I have most of hers saved to my hard drive to read on a internetless day) and I do always love a Lost fan, and even more a Jater, and that Jate mega-post she made totally made my day a zillion times better. And even when they aren't Lost-related, I always enjoy reading her posts :)"--roseateglow

"Well, she introduced me to the wonders of Alias, a zillion years ago and that's freakiung awesome. Also, she has a loooot of patience and isn't bothered with stupid questions. And she's nice, for real, and really fun too."--faith_chaos

"She writes some of the best Jate fic ever. Whether fluff or angst, it's all completely true to character (and so much fun to read). Fic aside, she is one of the greatest Jaters ever when it comes to promoting the wonderful-ness that is Jate and bringing people together.

Apart from fandom, she is sweet, interesting, sensible yet sometimes silly, fun, and absolutely hilarious. As corny as it sounds, I'm thankful for being able to get to know her."--raisingirl99

"Well, for starters she's a Jater. And that's awesome all on it's own. But she's also the right kind of snarky (as in the kind of snarky that's hilarious and stops way before it gets annoying), and she always have the best icons. Plus she spreads the Jate love far and wide. :]

So-o...basically she's just awesome."--amazingly_me

"Melanie - She is my bitch in crime. No, not yours but mine. I didn't want this to rhyme. I don't have much time, so I'll say this for the last time. Melanie is mine, backoff or I will cut you."--_milz_

"She's my fellow Paire perv, and I love her for that! We came up with "paby" together, and that just makes us made of awesome! You win at life, girl. :D"--frellingblonde

""Melanie really worked for me! Not only do I get my Jate fix almost on a daily basis, but she makes me "LOL" quite frequently too!!! I'd recommend Melanie to anyone in need of some serious Jateness! Definitely worth the price I paid for her! Thank you so much! I'll tell all my friends!"--_noa

"Melanie writes absolutely fantastic Jate fic, and she's also really sweet, kind, funny and just an awesome person to know! :)"--ablackorchid

"Melanie - Amazing, extremely nice, funny, and passionate. My *squeeeing* buddy :D One of the BEST jaters out there ;) Just check out her Jate mega post of Doom :p She's basically just made of awesome =)"--losty_ville

"Melanie is so cool! You have awesome stories! Keep em up! LOST pawns girl and so does Jate! Jate is fate! <3 :D"--xxdancechic5xx

"The fabulousness of Melanie in condensed, note like form. Because I am very lazy, and really should express the love in a non way lazy, but said laziness and a day of chemistry doesn't help.

1)Snow stealer (not so much a fabulous trait, more like she lives in a good place? IDK. I still want some. Enough to build something with, dammit.)
2)Taste in men. Need I say anymore? Not really.
3)Made me watch Heroes before it came here. 'Nuff said.
4)Okay I was slowly not having faith in Jate and stuff and this biatch restored the faith. And such.
5)The other pairings. The non AU paire. Although he isn't her uncle. Claude's brother is.
6)Doctor Who. See # 2.
7) LOST. Again see #2."--xunderstatedx

"Well what can I say about Melanie? She's freaking awesome!! One of the first people I was drawn to on lj and my instinct was on the money! Funny, smart, loveable, talented, oh and a Jater ♥. So add all that up and you've got the perfect cool person! One of the best fic writers I've ever encountered and pretty much anything she posts is entertaining. To sum up: Melanie rules!
Love ya babe! ♥"--strangelove311

"Melanie is just like Claude - Made Of awesome, and she ships all the best ships and you can talk about anything at all with her!:)"--space_dementia6

Wanna say words about me too?
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