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Jate and some such

In light of the major hype about Lost coming back in five days, I decided to ask a couple of my friends why they liked (or disliked in a couple cases) Jate and then I thought, well, why not find out what the rest of my flist thinks about the subject.

I'll listen to any argument from either side. I can be pretty rational about an argument so long as it makes sense and you have no idea how much I love to debate my point to others. Or squee in the case of my fellow Jaters.

I just have one request to Skaters everyone--don't give me the "it's hot" reason. That's not a reason. It's an excuse to watch a porno and I like to think that Lost is at least a few steps above smut in the ladder of entertainment.

Pimp this to your friends, guys. I want a ton of reasons why people love Jate. Or dislike them if that's what rocks their boat.
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Happy Holidays!


I love you guys so much and thank you for making 2006 an awesome year!

And now for the stuff that you guys really care about. ;)

Way back when, I offered to write some drabbles for those who wanted one for Christmas. Some of you signed up, some didn't. Some didn't have the chance since I just recently friended you, but that's okay. I expect I'll do another thing just like it around Valentine's.

But anyway, for those of you that requested something, here you go. I hope you got what you wanted.

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Matthew Fox Picspam

As per request, I did a Matthew Foxy picspam.

See, some good things come out of me being snowed in. Obviously my car won't come out of it, but you know.

Whatever. It's Foxy.

It was almost as orgasmic as the Milo Ventimiglia one but purely because Milo has molestable bangs and Foxy does not. However, it is a good thing he doesn't have the bangs, so we can live with it.

All pics are from matthew-fox.net and matthewfoxonline.net but again, all the comments are mine.

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Milo Ventimiglia Pic Spam

You guys are going to totally get sick of my newfound obsession with Milo Ventimiglia/Peter Petrelli.

But before that happens, I bring you the first ever pic spam done by me.

Insert: "woot!"s here.

Dial-up peeps, beware. Well, it's not that long. But enough to slow you down.

All pics are from miloventimigliafan.com's gallery and milomania.net. I take no credit for them.

But the commentary is all mine.

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Lost Fandom Friending Meme!

LOST Friending Meme!

The spiffy December 2006 Edition.


This is a friending meme. And it's for Lost. Not much is needed to be said about it but here are the basics:

a) We're only three and a half weeks into the hiatus and I think I speak for everyone in saying that we're all getting a little Lost squeeing! deprived and Lost in general lonely.

b) One can never ever have enough Lost friends. It simply isn't possible.

c) antisocial47 wanted one.

And onwards we go to the meme!

Public or Friends-Only:
Journal is mostly about:
Favorite character:
Favorite pairing:
Least favorite:
(character, pairing, episode, etc)
Other Fandoms:
Non-fandom likes:
Non-fandom dislikes:

This doesn't work if you don't PIMP! So PIMP until you can't PIMP anymore!
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Introducing... JATE MONTH!

I decided something last night. I could either let promos and the obvious yet tasteless turn into Skate world that TPTB (which by the way, I have no flipping clue what that stands for. I get that it's with the writers but that's about it) has taken bum me out.

Or I could rebel, fight the power, prove Jate superiority, proclaim far and wide the greatness that is Jack and Kate's love.

So I bring you; Jate Month.

During the long month of November, I will write 50,000 words worth of Jate. One shots. Interconnected short stories. Maybe even a chaptered story if I can work out the kinks of long story arcs to my liking. But there will be Jate and it will be plentiful.

There will be fluff. There will be angst. There may even be AU. But one thing is for certain; that when doubt about Jack and Kate ever being together arises, I will be there to prove they belong together. When Skate thoughts arise, I will be there to beat them away with the Jesus stick that is Jate. When the hiatus comes, I will make even Skaters believe it was really Jate that happened in the fall season instead of Skate.

Ignore the celebrating from Skaters. Ignore the writers' lack of common sense (srsly Damon, I thought you were a Jater. That's not Jate you've giving us, dude). Ignore even your little brother/sister who mocks you endlessly for "being wrong" about triangle (after giving them a good beating of course).

This isn't giving up or sinking into denial. Not by a long shot. I firmly believe that we will get Jate in the end. This is a means to ease the pain that season three has brought Jaters. This is a way to prove that I will stand by my ship, through all the mocking and lies, through evil promos and equally evil writers, through everything Jate will have to go through to find each other.

Because Jate is Fate.

I extend this challenge to every Jater in fandom. You don't have to write nearly as much as I am. That's my own personal challenge. But if you can, try to write something Jate. Not a writer? Make icons. Not a graphically apt person? Make pic-spams. Make fanmixes. Support those who take the challenge by commenting. Tell fellow Jaters about this challenge. There are a hundred things to do and only a month to do them in.

We best get started.

ETA: Now cross-posted to jackkatefans
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Fic; Just Make Do

Title: Just Make Do
Fandom: Original, see A/N.
Rating: Heavy PG-13, or very light R for crude references.
Word count: 1,000
Reason for being: 15minuteficlets
Summery: She was supposed to be free of him.
A/N: It's original fiction, for once, sort of. It's based off a friend and mine's roleplaying characters that we use on our site for Hogwarts Past. They're OCs and magic really has nothing to do with the story. went over the 15 minutes by a little, but I was inspired. I blame that. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

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